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The Garden of Everything

The Journal of Aerith Gainsborough

7 February
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Name Aerith Gainsborough
Age 22
Height 5'3"
Class White Mage
Race Cetra

Canon Final Fantasy VII
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Aerith is somewhat of a hard woman to describe in her entirety, given the many different facets that make up what she is and what she comes off as on a day to day basis. A rather chipper and upbeat woman, it is that smile seen almost tattooed upon her face that is her constant wear, and much can be placed behind that grin. Very much the girl next door, it's strange to say that, despite having somewhat of a hard life, she hasn't let this lack of normalcy affect her in any very distinct way. She lives life to the fullest that she possibly can, and brings with her an air of serenity that, even for her age, seems to be beyond her years. One to always put others above herself, it is hard to say just what this woman won't do for the sake of a loved one. She is also quite easy to forgive, another bit of wisdom far beyond her years.

Despite seeming--and frankly looking--like a delicate flower, this isn't entirely true. Growing up the majority of her life in Midgar, a somewhat rough place as it is, and eluding the advances of Shinra, she has grown a bit of wit about her, and is far from being just a princess locked away in a glass castle. Playful and flirtatious at times, she also matches this with a surprisingly intelligent wit, one that tends to catch people off-guard. She is rather observant to the world around her, both a gift given to her by her heritage as well as a natural empathy toward people. Although, this isn't to say that she's terribly observant to the point of knowing everything, and it is those surprises that come to her that really do make life all the more interesting.

Very much a free spirit, her connection with the planet itself is not at all something that sits back seat in her life. While it isn't something that she openly talks about, she does have a love for life in general, in any sort of form, particularly that of plant life. With a natural green thumb, it is strange to say that, at times, she finds their company to be most desired, particularly when she is deep in thought.

Not quick to be emotional, she does, however, have a trigger. While Aerith puts herself as being a lot braver than she is, the one thing that shakes her center is perhaps one of the more childish and innocent qualities to her. The fear of losing someone close to her is perhaps one of the only things that will jilt her rather firm core, and while she can smile and say that she will continue on without any regret, the truth is far from that. She has experienced loss before, far more severe than some. Be it separating from someone because of distance or something a little more dire, she doesn't deal with this well on the inside, despite facing it with a quintessential smile. Those people close to her are her life and livelihood, and the thought of being tore from even one of them shakes her very foundation.

Almost like the wind itself, she is a gentle soul, constantly learning and taking in everything that she can around her. New experiences are something she thrives for, and really, despite being afraid of it at one point in her life, she looks to the sky and beyond.
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